Austry Roach

I am a bilingual realtor and an educator with proven abilities to create, develop,
organize, and implement negotiation skills in real estate transactions. I have a
Law Degree from the Universidad Libre de Colombia. Additionally, I hold a
Master’s Degree in Spanish Studies from California State University, Sacramento.
My interest has been and continues to be serving my community with their
personal, financial, and their educational needs in the selling and purchasing of
property. As an attorney, my work involved representing and counseling people. I
worked in the civil litigation field, representing creditors. As a college adjunct
professor, I have been assisting and motivating students in learning Spanish and
helping them become positive role models in society. Additionally, I have worked
as a document translator. Being a bilingual educator who has studied in South
America, as well as in the United States, has given me the advantage of helping
a broad population with their financial and real estate goals. I truly believe people
need to be well informed before they make decisions regarding real estate
transactions. My passion is to help people make intelligent choices that will
contribute to their well being in their lives. I strive to follow every deal with due
diligence, and to keep connected to my customers in order to assure their
complete satisfaction.


Email me at:
Cell/Text: 530-990-3895
Office/eFax: 530-413-0050